I’m always looking to develop and challenge my design skills and regularly take part in passion project briefs. Balance Club is a fictional brief for a healthy, protein bar product. I decided to be playful with the brief, noticing that a lot of protein bars on the market are very serious/ masculine in their brand design. 
Initial Ideas
I began the design process with a sketching sprint to play with as many ideas around the theme ‘balance’ as I could in a short space of time. After some initial competitor research, I also decided to keep my final design simple with bold, fruity colours.
Packaging Design
I then brought in layers and halftone textures to the brand visuals to make the packaging design more interesting. I also played with inverting different logo variations to create a pattern than builds on brand awareness and recognition.
Social Media content
To replicate a real world client, I also created a suite of Instagram templates and carousels in both square and Instagram Stories dimensions. This included product images, lifestyle layouts and simple logo overlays.
Motion Graphics/Ads
I then created some simple animated Facebook ads to promote the product. Initally I created these in Canva.com. before refining using Adobe After Effects. 
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