It's no secret that I go weak at the knees for a good brand, so I get beyond excited about helping businesses and blogs create brands that move their audience. Whether you have something in mind or are starting from scratch I can help you create brands that make them go "mmm" and have you tripping over yourself to share it and your vision.
For branding projects, I like to get under the skin of your vision so it's best to have a chat. The Big Branding Box below shows a typical product, but we can tweak, trim and embellish depending on what your brand needs. 
Big Branding Box
This, as the name suggests, is the big one. Here's what ya get:

• Creative Brief Questionnaire
• 3 custom primary logo designs to choose from 
• 3 colour palettes to choose from
• Alternative logo + favicon
• Font combinations
• Textures & Patterns
• Additional branding elements
• Full Branding Style Board
• Accompanying detailed Style Guide
• Final design files (via Dropbox)
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