Draíocht Yoga is a Dublin based yoga studio owned by Aoife. Her offering centers around helping others rediscover the magic of their body through movement. She is particularly focused on the subtle energetics of the body and helping women understand their cycle.
I worked with Aoife to bring her vision for her yoga brand to digital screens. Building a brand from scratch and then translating its essence to web, social media, and digital eBook design.
Initial Ideas
From the very beginning Aoife knew that she wanted her brand design to be rooted in natural influences, and in particular the symmetry and formations of sacred geometry. After an initial design questionnaire, we decided to focus on astrology inspired shapes such as sun, moon and triangles. 

Logo Design
After presenting thee initial logo shapes, we settled on the final design which combined geometric moon and sun shapes with more organic/bohemian starburst lines. We expanded this into an alternative logo, brandmark and favicon so that the logo would be versatile for all the places it would be applied. 

Brand Development
We deepend the visual brand identity for draiocht with a calm, muted colour palette that matched the grounded nature of Aoife’s style of yoga.  I applied this brand palette and assets to social media templates on Canva, helping Aoife create her own branded content with ease in future.
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