Editorial design is where my love of words and layouts intersect and I’d love to add more of it to my portfolio. I enjoy using Adobe InDesign to create editorial designs including ebooks, magazine layouts as well as interactive digital calendars and journals. This is an area of design I’m keen to develop - especially in the realm of cook books and adventure coffee table journals.
Nomad Journal
I created this Nomad Journal as an ode to my adventurous side and one of my favourite places I've visited, the Clare/Galway coast in Ireland.
Starting with a misty grey colour palette, I sourced photos from Unsplash and colour-mapped them with the same settings to create consistency. I pulled this palette through the article by selecting coastal colours, whilst teaming a sans-serif heading with a whimsical, decorative script for contrast. I also created an editorial feature page which focuses more on celebrating text with a minimal decorative square background. 
For the cover, I wanted to get that 'Nomadic' vibe so chose an image with a lot of white space and the subject walking towards the horizon. I intended this magazine to centre around remote living, going back to nature and finding quiet in a busy world and created a front cover that captures that with its layout and composition.

Homemade Magazine
I created this passion project mainly to look at pancake images up close. Just kidding (maybe), I created this mock magazine spread to experiment with a playful layout design that put the recipe images at the front of people’s attention. I experimented with a range of InDesign's features to help me get to grips with the programme - but I'm always keen to learn more. 
Cookbooks and recipe journals are one of my favourite things to read, so I wanted to play with creating a pancake recipe spread that celebrated the photography and highlighted the content with the text and colours used.
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