Case Study:
This Is What
 We Do 
This is What We Do is the culmination of Sam Gleeson's varied skillset, including his furniture and knife making businesses. In December 2019, Sam wanted to give back to his community with a raffle full of prizes. However, he wasn't to sure how to spread the word and efficient. 
The Brief
Create an online raffle system which promotes, informs, collects payment and saves entries securely. 
Spread the word online through social media and in the local community via print. 
The Process
Conscious of saving time and energy, I wanted to create a system which was as easy as possible for Sam. Starting with a simple landing page which informed about the prizes, we connected the page to Paypal for entrants payment. 
I then created a series of Instagram stories (and taught Sam how to use them) and feed posts to share the raffle over a three week period.
The Result
Over 150 people entered the raffle, making it Sam's biggest giveaway so far in terms of reach.
Increased awareness of the values of This is What We Do through design and aesthetic.
Potential for further brand expansion on top of the visual created for the promotion.