I adore reading and writing and the power of words to create emotions and alternate realities. Writing is something that comes naturally, but I have spent years refining my style, process and technique to create copy with is emotive, effective and engaging. Specialising in Freelance Lifestyle, Surf Travel and Music Journalism, writing helps me express my passions and inspire others.
Surf Journalism
My passion for surfing and the communities surf culture inspires led me to create an online Cold Water Surf Journal, Seafox Creatives.  I also regularly create content for Newquay's Westcountry Surf School and contribute to surf blogs regularly. 
Image by Sam Billingham
Music Journalism
Working with Brighton based photographer Gili Dailes, I regularly review records, live music events and new releases from global bands. Published Brighton Source, Art Noise and Stitched Sound, I adore sharing my love of music with others.
Image by Gili Dailes
Image by Gili Dailes

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